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A Nugget of HIS GLORY

Prophetic Word Mama HIS GLORY


Number and Colors and What Do They Mean

Prophetic Word Liberia

The Rich Man

King David, Money and Numbers

David and Goliath, Numbers and Prophecy

The Ark of the Covenant

Christ Jesus, His Love and Grace Not Bunnies

Blessing of Creed

Psalm 22 Word of HIS GLORY

Psalm 10

3 Temptations of Christ

Who is the Christ?

Job 1:7-12

Christ the Rock

Genesis 48 Prophecy

Romans 5:1-8

Malachi 3:6-12 Bible Giving

5 Crowns and 5 Fold Ministry

Isaiah 9:6-7

Matthew 14:22-32

Names of God

Matthew 2:1-6 Bible Prophecy

Happy Hanukkah

Merry Christmas HIS GLORY Liberia

12/26/16 Bible Prophecy Right in Front of Our Eyes

Joshua 1;3-9 Bible Today

Prophetic Dream The Serpent

2017 5777 The Year of the Sword - What does 666 Mean?

Doubting Thomas

7 Times the Law Lev 26;14-20

Adultery - John 8

Numbers 6 False Man Teaching and Bible Humor

Where Do We Worship? John 4;19

Moses the Rock and Living Water of Christ

Christ Feeding Thousands and Dual Convenient

What is Bronze Serpent?

What is the Mustard Seed?

Bible Prophecy Today Warning of Division in the Church

Bible Prophecy Today, Psalm 83 War, Who Owns the Land? Demons/Fallen Angels Offspring

Who is the Christ and Who is the Anti Christ?

Bible Prophecy Today 1/28/17

Exodus 10 Month Shevet Royal Scepter

Rich Man and Lazarus

Who is the God of Torah and How Much He Loves

Inner Purity Mark 7

Word of God in Torah. Jesus Christ the Living Word

Who is the Alpha and Omega?

What Does the Sandal or Shoe Mean in the Word?

The Good Shepherd and the Only Door

Bible Prophecy this Week 2/11/17

Trust the Lord and Give Him HIS GLORY

Hospital for Sinners Mark 2:14

Seek the Face of the Lord Always

Lovers of the World Not the Christ

Pray for the Holy Spirit Do Not Deny Him

Bible Prophecy this week 2/18/17

Jesus Did Not Pray for the World

Obey the Lord Not Man

Prophetic Word Spiritual Warfare Making a Marine

Gideon's Call the Shofar

Fruit of the Spirit vs. Flesh of the World

Bible Prophecy this Week 2/26/17

Doing Good in the Word Not Flesh

Jerusalem the City of Elohim

Light of Christ

Prophetic Word Spiritual Warfare and Exposure Coming

Man's Destruction Turns to Elohim's Blessing with Love and Repentance

Bible Prophecy This Week 3/3/17

Christ the Son of David

World Looks at Fame and Power Elohim the Heart

Esther and Purim What It Means

Paul the Gospel and Who the Christ Is

Mark 2 Jesus and Paralytic

Testing of Job

Gift of the Spirit is for Today. We Show You In the Bible

Bible Code Messiah the Christ is God

What Does the 10 Virgins Mean?

Set of Chosen Justen Overland Assoc Producer

Feast of Shofars

Politicians Changing the Word

Prayer for 2020

Live Prayer 10/15/19


Who Has the Key of David in Isaiah 22?

Who is the Christ Daily Word

Will You Be a Servant Like Isaiah?

Our King is Coming Isaiah 11

Proverb Truth

Love not Hate Jer 23:5-6

The Lord Has It.

King David Psalm 22 the Christ

Coming Eclipse Warning to America

Thank You 1.6 Million Followers 900,000 on Facebook Alone

What Does The Eclipse Mean In The Sky?

What Went Wrong Between Genesis 1 & 2?

King David Psalm 23

Paul's Message to Titus and America

Rev 22 our Hope in Christ

Christ in Isaiah Proving Bible True

Happy Hanukkah and the Meaning

2017 Recap

Thank You Over 1 Million Followers on Facebook

Bible Prophecy 2/11/18 Israel

Prophetic Word Scandal and America 2/13/18

Bible Prophecy 3/4/18

When Does Life Begin According to the Bible

What Happens When You Die? I've Seen It

Bible Prophecy Today Before Fake News Reports It

Syria Bible Prophecy & the Spirit of Jezebel in the United States


Breaking News Iran and Israel Update

Breaking News 70th Anniversary of Israel and Bible Prophecy

What is Shavout and Pentecost?

Breaking News Prophetic Word 5/22/18

The Harvest

Happy Father's Day and Thank You to Our 1.1 Million Followers on Facebook

Bible in Review 6/19/18

Prophetic Word Warning from Most High

Bible Prophecy and the World 7/3/18

Prophetic Word and 4th of July

Build the Wall of Christ Our Children Are Being Killed

Live Prayer HIS GLORY Nation

Prophetic Word on the 9th of Av

What Does 9th of Av Mean?

What Jesus Says Part 11 - Women Caught in Adultery

Bible Prophecy this Week American Scandals and Nations Raging

Breaking News Govt Scandal Update: Deep State in Panic

Bible Prophecy this Week and Prophetic Word 8/25/18

King David Prophecy of the CHRIST

Donald Trump and Shaking of America Prophetic Word

Govt Scandal and Bible this Week 9/9/18

10 Days of AWE Prophetic Word

Chelsea Clinton Tells Us What Unchristian Is

Govt. Scandal Bible this Week and Sukkoth

Satan Attacks God's Chosen and How We Pray

Stand in the Gap in Prayer for America a Prophetic Word from Most High

Bombshells Coming Bible this week

Prophetic Word Get in Battle Position

Bible this Week Outpouring

Facebook Hacks and Death Threats

Prophetic Word More Shaking Coming

Pause Before Storm

Bible this Week Fire is Coming

Prophetic Word It's Time

Christ is Born

Happy New Year and Rocket Launch 2019

Buckle up Tribunals Have Begun

Close Calls and World on Fire

Bible Humor

Nations Rage Today Psalm 2

Making of a Marine and Bootcamp for Christ

Christ is the Way to Heaven Even for This of the Old Testament

Prayer for the Nations

Palm Day One Christ Enters

Fellowship Tools

Dallas Jenkins Interviews the Chosen

He Is Risen Not Bunnies

5G Dinosaur and Nephylim

Jesus the Christ Son of God in Quran

Prophetic Word Danger

Prophetic Word and Psalm 91


Set of Chosen Dallas Jenkins Executive Producer

Coming of the Lord Harpazo

Traditions of Man Obey God

New Testament Video of Luke 23

7 Elements of Warfare Ephesians

Shavout Pentecost and Day of Lord

Gift of the Spirit are for today and what they are.

What is Replacement Theology and How Dangerous It Is

Word of His Glory Psalms 2, His Story

7 Signs of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing/False Teachers

How Can We Prove the Bible is Truth

HIS GLORY Nation... www.hisglory.tv Coming Soon!

2015 wrap up and 2016 goals

Word of His Glory - Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 Prophecy

Word of His Glory - King David

Proving the Bible to Be True

Church of Philadelphia


The 7 Hebrew Festivals

False Teachers, The Trinity

Christ Jesus Passover Lamb

Faith in God

Revelation of Christ and Prophecy

Truth about Trinity and Who God is

American Election 2016

Part 1 Genesis, Jasher, Jubilees

Part 2 Genesis, Jasher, Jubilee

Exodus 20;1-6 The True God

Merry Christmas the Birth of Our King

Leviticus 25:8 - Jubilee and What It Means

The Prophet Moses Spoke about and How to Spot False Prophets.

Christ and the Wedding Ceremony

Part 3 Genesis Washer Jubilee

The Chosen John 17:6-11

Should You Get a Tattoo?

Fallen Angels, Demons, Nephiyl, Arak, Rephaim

Part 4 Genesis, Jasher, Jubilee

Bible Prophecy Today Is 17, Psalm 83

Part 5 Genesis Jasher Jubilee Hidden Message

Bible Prophecy this Week 1/21/17

Part 6 Genesis, Jasher, Jubilee

Faith What is it?

Part 7 Genesis Jasher Jubilee

Part 8 Genesis Jasher Jubilee

Part 9 Genesis Jasher Jubilee

Part 10 Genesis Jasher Jubilee

Genesis Washer Jubilee

#fakenews #fakechurch #truth #hisglory #hisgloryme

Bible Prophecy this week 3/18/17

Psalm 2 the Trinity Speaking

Jesus is the I AM

Satan Tempts the Christ

Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray

Ruth & kinsmen Redeemer and The Christ

Passover what it is and What Easter really is.

Bible Prophecy this week 4/9/17

Good Friday Victory over the Serpent

Signs of the Christ Matthew 24

Word of HIS GLORY - Jesus Brings Division

Solomon pride Wealth Fame vs TRUTH

Bible prophecy 4/30/17 HIS GLORY Nation...

World is Melting Down but our Home is on High

False prophets of Ahab vs True Prophets

King Hezekiah Life Lessons

Bible Prophecy this Week 5/20/17

Blasphemy of Trinity

Live Prayer 10/9/19

Our Body the Temple and the Bema Seat

God's Promises to David

Bible Prophecy 6/4/17

Dirty Politicians and Wicked Kings and Leaders

Who is God in Isaiah 9?

Bible prophecy today Isaiah 17

Prophetic dream from two witness Pray for the President

Why are we here? What is the full armor of God Theos?

The Christ Isaiah 53 Amazing

New Covenant Better than First Jer 31

North Korea, Wars, Signs and What Truth Is

What is the Rapture?

What is a True Sanctuary City?

Eclipse Hurricane Warning Do Not Touch the Land

King David Tells Us the True One God

Amos shows the cross of Christ

Trust the Lord with HIS Money

4 Seeds Christ Teaches Us

Warning America Prophecy

What Do You Say to Jehovah Witness Come to Your Door?

Bible Prophecy 11/11/17

#Breaking news do not celebrate Easter but Passover and Resurrection day

Bible Prophecy 3/19/18 the Nations Rage

Prodigal Son What We Were Never Taught

Breaking US Govt Scandal Update: GOD is Exposing Truth.

Breaking News: What Does Iran Deal Mean to US and Israel.

What Jesus Tells Us to Do

This Week Through the Bible Lens

Jacob Gives Prophecy to Judah About the Christ in Torah

This Week in Bible Review - The Time and Seasons 6/10/18

Bible Prophecy this week 6/24/18

WARNING Who is Ruling Over You? Republicans Democrats or CHRIST?

The Bible in the World Today

Devil's Plan and God's Plan

Who is Donald Trump and How Does He Fit the End times?

Explosions & Divisions this week in Prophecy

Why Moses Did Not Go to the Promise Land

Balaam Witchcraft and False Gods Then and Now

Who Gives Apostle Paul Authority? Denominations or Catholic Church?

This Week in Prophecy Scandals and Rumors of Wars

How to Prove BIBLE True Through Science, Archeology, Prophecy and More

WARNING Judgement Stand in the Gap Hosea 4

Dirty Politicians and Evil Running Like Rats

Spirit of Jezebel and the Soul of America

It is WAR the Bible this Week

America wakes up to the Spirit Bible this Week

House of Cards Bible this Week

Word in the World this Week

Bible this week Wheat and Tare

Hold Tight Here We Go in the World this Week

WARNING 666 #fakenews Teaching of Holy Trinity

What is Really Going on in Paris and Prophetic Dream Obama

Bible This Week End Days

Calm before Shock and AWE

Prophetic Word Shock and AWE and the Times

Grab Your Popcorn World Events

Ezieklel 38 & 39 - War Part 1

Eziekel 38 & 39 Part 2- Most High Answers

Good Friday and Passover the Lamb of GOD

Prophetic Word and Prayer Warriors

7 Hebrew Feasts and how CHRIST literally fulfills

Genesis 49 - Israel Bless's the 12 Tribes

POTUS and Cyrus and Isaiah 45

Old Testament


New Testament

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