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Did you know:

  1. Your body is 70-75% water. All life requires it.
  2. God designed your body to heal itself.
  3. Not all water is the same.

Hydrogen-Rich Kangen Water® helps remove offending sources from the body that prevent healing. It has been used in Japanese hospitals for decades.

Make your own healthy drinking water from home.

  • Alkalized    • Ultra-Hydrating   • Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Many more uses:

  • Cleaning • body • plants • pets • cooking and more.

We are privileged and grateful to be partners with His Glory. His Glory will receive financial support from everyone who purchases a water machine or bath/shower unit through the EdensWater.com website.

Before making a purchase, please contact us to let us know you are a HIS GLORY family member.  With every purchase, HIS GLORY MINISTRIES will receive financial support, but we must know who is ordering as a result of HIS GLORY.

Visit EdensWater.com to see the different water machines, how to use the different waters, videos of demonstrations, and to contact us with any questions.

FINANCING is available, some options with 0% financing for at least 12 months.

Purchasers have an instant business if desired.  They become a dealer FREE of charge with no obligation.

When you change your water, you can change your life!

Reach out to Les or Kathy to answer your questions.  Tel: 719-426-2247  email:  iJustFeelBetter@Gmail.com  Web: EdensWater.com